Part Eight. Sugan Alps

From Kabardino-Balkaria to Digoria, August 23-30
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8 days
4 nights in a hotel, 3 nights in tents,
57 km (35 miles) trekking
6 days trekking, of which 1 day сarrying backpacks.
Price 1,050 USD
Guide and assistant, transportation, accommodation, meals (B, L, D), equipment, all entrance fees and border zone permits
August 23d
August 23d
After your arrival to the airport of Nalchik the guide will show you the town and take you to his rural house for dinner and several traditional Kabardian songs.
Night in "Nalchik" boutique hotel.
August 24th
August 24th
Along the Kyuchmessu Valley
7 km (4 miles) trekking, 1,200-meters (3,937 ft.) climb, horses carry the backpacks
Transfer to Bezengi area early in the morning. Then we'll climb along the Kyuchmessu valley under the Dumala Pass (2,997 m (9,833 ft.)). We'll spend the night in tents.
August 25th
August 25th
To Upper Balkaria
10 km (6 miles) trekking, 600-meters (1,968 ft.) climb, 600-meters (1,968 ft.) descent, horses carry the backpacks
We'll cross the Dumala Pass (2,997 m (9,833 ft.)), then we will make a one-time visit to the Chegetzhar's observation deck, then descend to the Chaynashki Valley, and trek to Upper Balkaria. If there is time, we'll go on an excursion to the old village of Kunlum to take a look at the ancient towers. Then, we will drive to the Ushtulu Glade.We'll spend the night in the Ushtulu hotel.
August 26th
August 26th
Views of the Shtulu Glacier
11 km (7 miles) trekking, 1,000-meters (3,281 ft.) climb, horses carry the backpacks
We'll climb to the Shtulu Pass to enjoy the views of the huge Shtulu Glacier.We'll spend the night in tents.
August 27th
August 27th
To Digoria
9 km (5 miles) trekking, 500-meters (1,640 ft.) climb, 1,000-meters (3,281 ft.) descent, trekking with lightweight backpacks
We'll cross the Shtulu Pass (3,400 m (11,155 ft.)), leave Kabardino-Balkaria, and descend to the Khares Valley in North Ossetia. Overnight stay in tents in a beautiful place at the confluence of the Khares and Orsdon Rivers.We'll spend the night in tents.
August 28th
August 28th
The Mosota Glacier
9 km (5,6 miles), 500-meters (1,640 ft.) descent, horses carry the backpacks
We'll descent along the Khares valley to the Tana-Park hotel 3*. Night in a hotel.
August 29th
August 29th
The Karaugom Glacier
15 km (9 miles), 1,000-meters (3,281 ft.) climb, 1,000-meters (3,281 ft.) descent
We'll make a one-time visit to one of the largest glaciers in the Caucasus - the Karaugom Glacier. A big seven-kilometer (4 miles) long ice tongue covered with cracks descends into a beautiful pine forest from the upper reaches of the huge firn plateau at an altitude of more than 4,000 m (13,123 ft.). In the evening, we will get back to the Tana-Park hotel 3*.
August 30th
August 30th
On the Roads of Digoria
3.5 hours, 135 km (84 miles) by 4WD car.
We'll be driving through the ancient villages of Kamunta and Galiat on the mountainous road leading to the Khanaz abandoned castle. Then, we'll take a walk to the Digori-Izad cave sanctuary and drive to Vladikavkaz. And after that we'll go straight to the airport of Vladikavkaz for the evening flight.
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