Part 1. The Protected Area of the Western Caucasus

From Krasnaya Polyana to the Damkhurts Valley, July 10-15
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6 days
Two nights in a hotel, 3 nights in tents.
44 km (27 miles) trekking
4 walking/hiking/trekking days, of which 3 days walking/hiking/trekking with a backpack.
price 660 USD
Guide and assistant, transportation, accommodation (double or twin room), meals (B, L, D), equipment, all entrance fees and border zone permits

July 10th
July 10th
Project Launch Party
We meet at the Sochi International Airport and go straight to the mountains.
We will spend the rest of the day visiting a Russian bathhouse, getting to know each other, and talking about the upcoming route.
We'll throw a small party in honor of the project launch.
We'll spend the night at the Velia hotel or something similar.
July 11th
July 11th
To the Kardyvach Lake
14 km (9 miles), 600-meters (1,968 ft.) climb, walking/hiking/trekking, horses will carry our backpacks
First, we'll use off-road vehicles to get to the mountains. We'll be driving through the ancient protected forest and then having replenished our forces up by Narzan (naturally carbonated mineral water) coming from a mountains spring, walk/hike/trek accompanied by horses which will carry our gear. By the end of the day, we will get to the amazing Kardyvach Lake in the surface of which steep snow-covered rocky peaks are reflected.
We'll spend the night in tents.
July 12th
July 12th
Through the Pass to the Inpsi Lake
7 km (4 miles), 900-meters (2,953 ft.) climb, 800-meters (2,625 ft.) descent
trekking, horses will carry our backpacks, and then we'll carry them ourselves

Soon after the beginning of the ascent to the pass, we will have to let the horses go and carry our gear ourselves to make it through the Tsyndyshkho Pass (2,750 m (9,022 ft.)).
As we'll be climbing the pass, nature will be getting tougher and tougher. There are only rocks and snow on the pass. There is this majestic silence. The difficulties of climbing will be paid off by stunning views. At the end of this hard day, we will go down to the Inpsi Lake and set up tents on its shores. There are a forest and alpine meadows there. There is this absolutely wild untouched nature around.
We'll spend the night in tents.
July 13th
July 13th
Through the Pass to the Damkhurts Valley
10 km (6 miles), 600-meters (1,968 ft.) climb, 900-meters (2,953 ft.) descent
trekking, we'll carry backpacks ourselves

Today is the final day of the trip to the Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve. We'll get up early to walk/hike/trek until the evening. We will have to make our way through the Kvata Pass (2,500 meters (8,202 ft.)), which is relatively easy to pass, and descend to the Damkhurts Valley. We'll eat delicious dinner, and enjoy a makeshift bathhouse.
We'll spend the night in tents.
July 14th
July 14th
Down the Damkhurts Valley
12 km (7,5 miles), 350-meters (1,150 ft.) descent.
trekking, we'll carry backpacks ourselves

On this day, we will walk/hike/trek down almost to Damkhurts village where we will be met by SUV. Then we'll go to Arkhyz village along a picturesque mountain road and spend a night in 4* hotel.

Those who are going to participate the stage №2 will get off the SUV at Dukka valley, hike a little up and spend the night in tents.
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