Part Two. Mountain Lakes of Karachay

From the Dukka Valley to the Sofia Valley, July 15-21
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7 days
5 nights in tents, 1 night in a hut
37 km (23 miles) trekking
5 walking/hiking/trekking days, of which 4 days walking/hiking/trekking with a backpack.
Price 650 USD
Guide and assistant, transportation, accommodation, meals (B, L, D), equipment, all entrance fees and border zone permits
July 15th
July 15th
Arrival at the Mineralnye Vody airport in the morning or the evening of 14th. Transfer to Arkhyz village and after a short rest go further by SUV to the beginning of Dukka valley.
After one hour trekking up along the valley we'll make a camp. Night in tents.
July 16th
July 16th
Along Dukka valley
8 km (5 miles), 850-meters (2,800 ft.) climb
Climb to the upper reaches of Dukka valley. We'll find there many small lakes and will make a camp near one of it. Horses will help us to carry the luggage.
Night in tents.
July 17th
July 17th
Ailyulyu pass (2850 m)
10 km (6 miles), 150-meters (500 ft.) climb, 1,250-meters (4,100 ft.) descent
We'll climb up to Ailyulyu pass and then walk down to Psysh valley with our backpacks.
July 18th
July 18th
Sofia views
6 km (3,7 miles), 1,250-meters (4,100 ft.) climb
It will be a long climb today back to highlands. We'll stop on the border of alpine meadows and lifeless cliffs.
July 19th
July 19th
Sofia lakes
3 km (2 miles), 150-meters (500 ft.) climb, 150-meters (500 ft.) descent
We will cross the Kara-Dzhash Pass (3,024 m (9,921 ft.)) and walk down to the Great Sofia lake.
July 20th
July 20th
Down to Sofia valley
6 km (3,7 miles), 900-meters (3,000 ft.) descent
We'll go down to Sofia valley and stay in a small hut. If we still have interest and not too tired we'll go up to Sofia waterfalls and come back to hut.
Lunch and dinner in a cafe.
July 21st
July 21st
15 km, 50 minutes 4x4 driving, 210 km, 3 hours driving
Transfer to Arkhyz village and further to the airport of Mineralniye Vody.
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