Part Four. Elbrus Region

The Upper Reaches of the Kuban River - Eltyubu Village, August 4 – 11
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8 days
2 nights in a hotel, 4 nights in tents, one night in a rural house.
47 km (29 miles) trekking
5-6 days trekking, of which two days backpacking.
Price 1,300 USD
Guide and assistant, transportation, accommodation, meals (B, L, D), equipment, all entrance fees and border zone permits
August 4th
August 4th
To the Mountains to See the Shepherds
5 hours, 234 km (145 miles) by car.
Arrival at the Mineralnye Vody Airport, then we'll go to Voroshilovskie Koshi - a traditional place of summer grazing in the upper reaches of the Kuban River.We'll spend the night in tents.
August 5th
August 5th
To the Khotyutau
Pass5 km (3 miles), 800-meters (2,625 ft.) climb,trekking with lightweight backpacks
We'll make our way through the Khotyutau Pass. We'll spend the night in tents.
August 6th
August 6th
Beneath Elbrus
7 km (4 miles), 700-meters (2,296 ft.) climb, 500-meters (1,640 ft.) descent,trekking with lightweight backpacks
We will reach the Khotyutau Pass (3,546 m (11,634 ft.)) after trekking along the trail, screes, and snow patches. It is located in the cofferdam of the same name, connecting Elbrus and the Greater Caucasus Ridge. From there, you can see Elbrus from an unusual angle.Then, we will get to the cable car station on Elbrus along the wide ice plateau of the Khotyutau Pass and the wastelands from the frozen lava. Then, we will descend to the Azau Glade by a cable car.We'll spend the night in the Azau Star hotel 4*.
August 7th
August 7th
Leisure time in the Elbrus Region

We'll have some rest in the morning and spend the afternoon climbing to the town of Cheget.We can drive to the mouth of the Shkhelda River and then a trek to the glacier of the same name instead.We'll spend the night in the Azau Star hotel 4*.
August 8th
August 8th
To the Sakashil
Pass12 km (7.5 miles), 1,500-meter (4,921 ft.) climb,trekking, horses will carry our backpacks
We'll trek to the miner's ghost town of Tyrnyauz, then climb the Sakashil Pass.We'll spend the night in tents.
August 9th
August 9th
Night on the Saryn
Pass11 km (7 miles), 1,300-meter (4,265 ft.), 500-meters (1,640 ft.) descenttrekking, horses will carry our backpacks
We'll climb to the Sakashil Pass (3,536 m (11,601 ft.)), descend to the Kestanty Valley, climb to the Saryn Pass (3,386 m (11,109 ft.)). Views at sunset and dawn of the Bezengiyskaya Wall are definitely the advantage of spending the night on the pass.We'll spend the night in tents.
August 10th
August 10th
Kestants Mushroom Stones
12 km (7.5 miles), 200-meters (656 miles) climb, 1,200-meters (3,937 ft.) descent,trekking, horses will carry our backpack driving in off-road vehicles for 18 km (11 miles), 1 hour
One-time visit to the Kestanty-Tau Mountain to see the Mushroom Stones at an altitude of 3,800 m (12,467 ft.). We'll descend to the Bashil camp. Then trek to Eltyubyu where we'll attend a culinary workshop and go on an excursion to the medieval tower and crypts.We'll spend the night in a rural house.
August 11th
August 11th
200 km (124 miles), 3.5 hours by car
We'll drive to Nalchik to meet Felix Nakov, Kabardino-Balkaria Martial Arts Master, Ph.D. in History of Science, Director of the National Museum of Kabardino-Balkaria.Then we'll go to the Mineralnye Vody Airport (part of the group can stay in Nalchik and fly out of the Nalchik's airport).
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