Part Two. Karachay Lakes

From the Sancharo Valley to the Aksaut Valley, July 13-23
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9 days
One night in a hotel, 6-7 nights in tents, 1-2 nights in a mountaineering camp
67 km (42 miles) trekking
6-7 days trekking, one day backpacking
Price 1,500 USD
Guide and assistant, transportation, accommodation, meals (B, L, D), equipment, all entrance fees and border zone permits
July 13th
July 13th
Arrival at the Mineralnye Vody Airport. We'll trek to the mountains to the upper reaches of the Sancharo Valley.
July 14th
July 14th
The Kislyye Istochniki
The team will stay in the camp, while the newcomers will walk along the valley to the Kislyye Istochniki and back.
July 15th
July 15th
To the Tsegerker Lake
10 km (6 miles), 1,000-meters (3,281 ft.) climb, 500-meters (1,640 ft.) descent
Horses will carry our gear to the Tsegerker Lake through the Sekretniy Pass (2,700 m (8,858 ft.))
July 16th
July 16th
Upper Reaches of the Bolshaya Laba
9 km (6 miles), 600-meters (1,968 ft.) climb, 600-meters (1,968 ft.) descent
We'll descend to the Bolshaya Laba River Valley and climb to one of its tributaries - the Burnaya River valley under the Dorbun Pass.
July 17th
July 17th
Through the Dorbun Pass Back to Civilization
8 km (5 miles), 600-meters (1,968 ft.) climb, 600-meters (1,968 ft.) descent
We will cross the Dorbun Pass (2,900 m (9,514 ft.)) and descend to the Psysh River Valley. From there, we will use off-road vehicles to get back to civilization, to the Romantika-1 hotel 4*.
July 18th
July 18th
To the Bashdzol Pass
8 km (5 miles), 1,000-meters (3,281 ft.) climb
We will drive in off-road vehicles to get back to the Psysh River Valley early in the morning and trek to the Bashdzol Pass (3,050 m (10,006 ft.)
July 19th
July 19th
Sophia Lakes
4 km (2.5 miles), 400-meters (1,312 ft.) climb, 300-meters (984 ft.) descent
We will go to the Sofia Lakes through the Bashdzol Pass. We'll spend the night at the lakes. We'll walk along the surrounding lakes nearby.
July 20th
July 20th
Sophia Falls
5 km (3 miles), 100-meters (328 ft.) climb, 600-meters (1,968 ft.) descent
We will descend to the Sophia Valley through the Irkiz Pass and spend the night at the Near the Sophia River guesthouse. Karachay cuisine will help us replenish our forces.
July 21st
July 21st
Two Passes
13 km (8 miles), 1,600-meters (5,249 ft.) climb, 1,800-meters (5,905 ft.) descent
On this busy day, we will make our way through the two passes – Sophiyskoye Sedlo and Bougoichat – which are relatively easy to pass. If possible, we will ride horses and have them carry our gear. By the evening, we will get to the upper reaches of the Marukha Valley. If there is time left, we will visit the big Marukha glacier under the northern wall of the Karakaya Mountain.
July 22nd
July 22nd
The Khalega Pass
10 km (6 miles), 800-meters (2,625 ft.) climb, 1,100-meters (3,609 ft.) descent
We'll get up early in the morning, cross the Khalega Pass, which is easy to pass, and find ourselves in the Aksaut Valley. From there, we'll drive in off-road vehicles to the Edelweiss tourist camp.
We'll enjoy a Russian bathhouse and holiday dinner.
July 23rd
July 23rd
Off-road vehicles will take the group to the airport.
The main team will stay in the Edelweiss tourist camp.
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