Trekking the Caucasus

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From the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea
This mountain trip is not just leisure time, it is a real expedition that will last more than two months and will surely become one of those experiences that will divide the life of its participants into "before" and "after." You can join just one stage (7-11 days) or do the whole trip.
This expedition will help us test a multi-day route which we intend to make as popular and recognizable as around Annapurna trekking, the GR20 Corsica's Trail, or the Way of St. James over time. Photographers and bloggers, who will be travelling with us in the summer of 2020, will help us make our first steps towards this goal.
We will begin our journey from Krasnaya Polyana, almost off the Black Sea coast, and will trek through the mountains for more than 300 km (186 miles). On our way, we will be using horses and off-road vehicles in some short sections. This part of the expedition will be completed in Vladikavkaz. We will make the rest of our way to the Caspian Sea by cars. We are going to walk in the most interesting places, stay overnight in mountain villages, and get acquainted with cultural diversity of the Caucasian peoples.
Why the Caucasus
Because only there you can find a unique combination - pristine nature of the Western Caucasus highlands inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, immense glaciers, large valleys, and 5,000-meter (16,404 ft.) summits in the central part of the ridge and incredible ethnic and natural diversity of Ingushetia, Chechnya, and Dagestan.
Philosophy and Future of the Project
It is important for us to interact with the locals because we believe that meeting new people is the most memorable way to travel. Alpine meadows, turbulent rivers, and snowy peaks are beautiful anywhere in the world, but discovering the old highlanders' traditions makes this adventure unique. We see the future of the route, which we are going to embark on as part of the expedition, in the involvement of highlander communities in this project. We are confident that the development of eco-tourism will help preserve wild nature and cultural heritage of the Caucasus, giving it new value. Otherwise, all of that will be doomed to degeneration under the pressure of globalization.
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The Route

The route is divided into several parts. 7-12 days each. You can pass the entire route with us or choose one or several particularly impressive parts.
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10 stage
Part 1. The Protected Area of the Western Caucasus
From Krasnaya Polyana to the Damkhurts Valley,
July 10-15

6 days, 44 km (27 miles) trekking
4 trekking days, of which 3 day trekking with a backpack. Two nights in hotels, 3 nights in tents.

Price 660 USD
Part Two. Mountain Lakes of Karachay
From the Dukka Valley to the Sofia Valley, July 15-21
7 days, 37 km (23 miles) trekking
5 trekking days, of which 4 day trekking with a backpack. 5 nights in hotels, 1 night in a hut.

Price 650 USD
Part Three. Untouched valleys of the Western Caucasus
From the Sofia to the Aksaut Valley, July 20-26
7 days, 37 km (23 miles) trekking
5 trekking days, horses carry our luggage. 4 nights in tents, 1 night in a hut, 1 night in a lodge.

Price 800 USD
Part Three. Views of Elbrus
From the Aksaut Valley to the Elbrus Region,
July 23rd - August 4th

13 days, 55 km (34 miles) trekking
9-10 days trekking, of which 6 days backpacking.
3 nights in a hotel, 6 nights in tents, 3 nights at a tourist camp.

Price 1,050 USD
Part Five. To the foot of Elbrus
From the Nakhar Valley to the foot of Elbrus mountain,
August 1st - 12th

12 days, 44 km (27 miles) trekking
8 days trekking, of which 5-6 days carrying backpacks.
2 nights in a 4* hotel, 7 nights in tents, 2 nights at a tourist camp (lodges).

Price 1,300 USD
Part Six. Elbrus Region
The Upper Reaches of the Kuban River - Eltyubu Village, August 4 – 11
8 days, 47 km (29 miles) trekking
5-6 days trekking, of which two days backpacking.
2 nights in a hotel, 4 nights in tents, one night in a rural house..

Price 1,300 USD
Part Seven. The Highland Caucasus
The Bezengi Wall, August 10-17
8 days, 42 km (26 miles) trekking
5 days trekking, of which 3 days backpacking.
3 nights in a hotel, 3 nights in tents, one night in a rural house.

Price 990 USD
Part Eight. Sugan Alps
From Kabardino-Balkaria to Digoria, August 17-26
9 days, 65 km (40 miles) trekking
6 days trekking, of which 3 days backpacking.
4 nights in a hotel, 3 nights in tents, 1 night in a rural house.

Price 1,830 USD
Part Nine. Ossetia, Ingushetia, Chechnya
From Vladikavkaz to Grozny, September 1-9
9 days, 705 km by car, 20 km (12 miles) trekking
Two days trekking with light backpacks.
5 nights in a hotel, 2 nights in a rural house, 1 night in tents.

Price 2,215 USD
Part Ten. The North-East Caucasus
Chechnya and Dagestan, September 7 – 17, 2019
11 days, 1072 km by car, и 35 km. (22 miles) trekking
5 nights in a hotel, 4 nights in a rural house, 1 night in tents.

Price 2,500 USD
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This project is being implemented by the Caucasus Explorer travel company. Mikhail Golubev, the head of the field part of the project, will also be your guide on most of the route. Mikhail will have an assistant who will take care about the maximum possible comfort for the expedition participants. Horse owners, local guides, and experts in history and ethnography will be involved in some parts of the route.
For the most part, horses will carry our backpacks. However, we will have to carry them ourselves where there's difficult terrain. We will make the backpacks as light as possible through delivering food and the use of modern gear.
Overnight Stay
Mostly in tents. But every 3-5 days, we will stay at camping sites, mountaineering camps, and even 3-4* hotels.
For the most part, guides will cook tasty and healthy food from fresh products for you. In some areas, where we will have to keep the backpacks as light as possible we will switch to an effective but balanced diet (dried meat, herbs and spices, cereals, nuts).
We, the organizers of the expedition, will provide all necessary gear. However, if you are more comfortable using your own, we don't mind.
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